Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mysore's educational institutions make headlines again!!

There is something special in the soil of Mysore...watered by the holy river Kaveri! Once again, Mysore's educational institutions made headlines today.

JSS MAHAVIDYAPEETHA: The JSS Math, technically it is called Suttur Math, (a Math is a Hindu religious institution) runs about 310 educational institutions. These range from primary schools to higher education institutions. The Suttur Math (popularly called JSS Math and specifically a veershaiva math) wished to set up a center of spirituality in USA, and approached RBI for permission to purchase land in USA . The Math is a trust and as such trusts are currently not allowed to own assets abroad, by Indian law. This means even IIMs and IITs that are also run by trusts/societies, cannot legally own assets abroad. However, after discussions in RBI with legal department bigwigs, the law is being amended so as to allow JSS and other trusts/societies to acquire assets abroad if it is in the spirit of the trust's charter. Thus, the Mysorean JSS Mahavidyapeetha has contributed to the change of the law of the land for the better. It is a matter pride that I am an alumni of JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore (the logo of the college is the image above).

HSBC gets Mr. Narayanmurthy on board as an independent director: In the news pertaining to the appointment of Mr. Narayanmurthy as the independent director with HSBC, it was prominently mentioned that he is alumnus of University of Mysore (in fact, NIE ie. National Institute of Engineering, Mysore).

So Mysore is creating ripples through its educational institutions!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mysore in the Union Budget 2008

University of Mysore: a centre of excellence

Union Budget 2008 has given a pleasant surprise that warms the hearts of Mysoreans. University of Mysore is given a special grant of Rs. 100 crores and will be developed as a centre of excellence. Such a special grant signifies the importance given to Mysore as a seat of learning. Two other institutions of excellences with such a grant have been identified in the Budget 2008, Mahatma Phule Kashi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, Maharashtra, and Delhi University, Delhi. Thus, Mysore's University of Mysore shares a special status with these universities.

This is of course in line with the laudable policy decision to promote skill levels that are vital to have a vibrant knowledge economy. Education has been given a special thrust in Budget 2008, the outlay is a good Rs. 34,400 crores to address the problem of unemployment and quality retention faced by the country.

The increase in status of University of Mysore as a centre of excellence, will boost the educational ecosystem in Mysore as a whole. It will provide a fillip to the educational activities, the learning atmosphere, and will boost "student or educational tourism" too. Paying guest business, and generally speaking - the commerce activity too will get a boost.

The Rs. 15,000 crores non-profit corporation

Another point in the budget of 2008, is that a fund of Rs. 15,000 crores fund is being created to set up a non-profit corporation for skill development. Mysore should eye to be a participant in this fund through its educational ecosystem - which includes the only women's engineering college in Karnataka located in Mysore (GSSS Institute of Technology and Engineering for Women).

The soft power fund

It is interesting to note that Union Budget 2008 has proposed a fund of Rs. 75 crores to promote the soft power of India through the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. It is an interesting strategy as soft power is very important in international relations and world commerce. The Union Finance Minister's speech mentions Indian music, dance, literature, art, cuisine, and films as soft power components. However, Ayurveda and Yoga are also vital elements of soft power of India. And Mysore is a treasure of all the elements of soft power of India, including Ayurveda and Yoga. Through this soft power fund, Mysore can surely boost the tourism prospects.

There is a good spot light on Mysore in the Union Budget 2008, may this trend increase!! I got the above image from HERE.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taste of Mysore blog

wI write this with excitement as I have discovered this nice blog by a typical bubbly Kannadiga hudigi (her name is Lakshmi), the blog is called Taste of Mysore blog. CLICK HERE This blog gives a lot of nice and routine stuff which has a distinctly Mysorean touch. Read and enjoy the blog!

I got the great image of the Mysore palace from HERE.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Developing Mysore - Karnataka's necessity

Mysore is a historic city of Karnataka. Mysore is a seat of culture and learning. The big draw of Mysore are the buildings of tourist interest. The Mysore Palace (Amba Vilas palace), Jaganmohan Palace, KRS Brindavan gardens, and Chamundi Hills – temple are some of the magnets of Mysore. It is important to strengthen tourism by value added tourism experiences and better connectivity. The saving grace is the beautiful road from Bangalore to Mysore. If Mysore develops economically through Govt. and citizen collaboration, and business collaborations – Karnataka will be benefited significantly. This will lead to a better development of the stretch from Bangalore to Mangalore via Mysore and Coorg.

A visit to Chamundi Hills


A visit to Chamundi Hills is a very satisfying experience. The hill is cloaked by greenery (Oh! Yes! It can be improved through afforestation efforts). One can drive up or walk up.

A flight of one thousand steps built by the Maharaja Dodda Devaraja in 1659 also leads up to the summit of the hill which is at a height of about 3000 feet. Chamraja Wodeyar IV is said to have worshipped here in 1573 and was miraculously saved from a lightning hit. Krishnaraja III (late 18th century) built the temple tower and presented the Nakshatramalika jewel with sanskrit verses inscribed on it. http://www.indiantemples.com/Karnataka/chamundi.html

Goddess Chamundeshwari

The reigning deity of Mysore is Goddess Chamundeshwari. The most important temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari or Mahishashura Mardini is located atop Chamundi Hills. For all Mysoreans Goddess Chamundeshwari's blessings are paramount.

Here is a great link on Mysore and Goddess Chamundeshwari:


I start this blog with my humble pranams to Goddess Chamundeshwari.